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On the basis of the analysis which is carried out in this section we will designate the basic principles of creation of the developed device. So for performance directly operation of division in the microprocessor needs to use algorithm of division at which numbers are represented in a format from a floating comma. It will allow to provide the necessary accuracy of calculations and to avoid an additional error at measurement of the relation of tension.

From a formula (it is visible that the relation of resistance on condition of balance is a measure of the measured relation of tension. Therefore, variable resistance can appropriately be determined the relation of tension given on the scheme by balancing of the scheme.

According to the specification the developed device has to possess the wide range of the measured relations: 60 dB. And in this range high precision of measurements has to be provided. In this regard in work it is necessary to consider various ways of measurement of the relations, to choose the most acceptable in this sense and to provide its realization on the corresponding element base.

These conditions are reduced to that the infinite coefficient of strengthening of the closed chain is necessary for ARE for the correct division that is generally provided with increase in coefficient of strengthening of feedback, and the characteristic of regulation of both operated elements have to be strictly identical.

However, this scheme is extremely unproductive, i.e. possesses small speed as demands continuous balancing. The inaccuracy of balancing arising owing to fatigue of the operator is an additional source of an error.

In this work it is required to develop the microprocessor measuring instrument of the relation of tension which is generally intended for use as a precision gage at research of the microwave ovens parameters of knots. The developed device is urged to replace the V8-6, V8-7 devices which are widely used for these purposes which morally became outdated now and their characteristics do not provide to modern requirements any more. Besides the developed device can find broad application in other areas connected with control of relative changes of parameters of various objects, and also with control of parameters of technological processes.

Here the difference of tension of the power supply E and falling of the feeding tension on resistance of collector loading of Z is attached to the R1 resistor. If for some reason or other rest current day off of a chain seeks to increase, power failure increases by Z, tension attached to R1 decreases and current of shift of base falls that haunts current strongly will increase; at aspiration of current of rest to decrease the described process of automatic control happens back.