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Now the range of brine cheeses in the city of Omsk is very narrow. I suggest to expand the assortment list of the brine cheeses realized in Omsk since these cheeses possess a high nutrition value and good digestibility.

The salted sheep cheese is packed into wooden barrels, stacking it densely whole pieces, the formed emptiness on a circle of a barrel fill with halves. Whetstones equal ranks before full filling of a barrel (5 — 7 rows.

Sheep cheese is developed from the pasteurized cow's, buyvoliny, sheep and goat milk or their mix. of sheep cheese from not pasteurized milk is allowed in an exception on distant pastures on small at obligatory endurance (maturing) its not less than 60 days at the enterprises of the industry. Acidity of cow's milk 18 — 20 °, cow in mix with sheep, goat, buyvoliny 22 — 26 °.

Salt sheep cheese in 18 — 20% a brine with the temperature of 10 — 12 °C. In 5 — 7 days sheep cheese is moved to a kislosyvorotochny brine (60 — 70 °) with the temperature of 8 — 12 °C, concentration of 18% where it is matured by 13 — 15 days before packing in barrels.

Bring chloride calcium and the ferment consisting of strains of lactic and aromatoobrazuyushchy streptococci (0,7 — 1,5%) in pasteurized milk, bring ferment in a crude in number of 0,2 — 0,4%.

Devices and : zhiromer; rubber traffic jams; pipettes on 10,77 ml; batchers on 1 and 10 ml; centrifuge; a water bath with the thermometer; a support for zhiromer; sulfuric acid with a density of 1,81-1,82; izoamilovy alcohol.

To ottitrovat contents of a glass AgNO3 solution before emergence of brick-red coloring. The quantity of milliliters of solution of a nitrate spent for titration shows the content of salt in cheese.