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Construction sand and sand-gravel and pebble breeds are dated for alluvial formations of Dniester, the Rod and their inflows. The main fields are concentrated on an island of the valley of Dniester between Dubossarami and Tiraspol. In total 47 fields are reconnoitered, was operated 1

For production of cement as raw materials limestones serve, special clays and other resources are concentrated about the city rubber, the villages of Gidirim and in other places. Quartz sand for production of glass lie at the cities of Floresht and Otach. also the field of chalk which is used for the letter, in the chemical and paper industry is mastered.

Ceramic raw materials. Plastic fusible clays of Sarmatian and meotichesky age are used. 4 fields – Aleksandrenskoye (Synzhereevsky district), by Gyrbovetskoye (Kalarashsky district), New and Nikolaev (the Ungensky district), and Oknitskoye are reconnoitered and are developed.