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Before I consider each of these points in detail it is necessary to give the explanation to some words which are used in Internet advertizing, some concepts include some technical moments.

- variety of settings, focusing ( on display time, days of week, days of month, on geography (this mechanism at the Echo network is especially developed), on providers, types of an operating system etc.

It is necessary to subscribe and start monitoring all discussion lists which to straight lines or indirectly concern the interesting business. Among their participants for certain it is possible to find potential partners and clients.

Whether to use a frame round a banner? Existence of a frame (in the IMG tag to deliver to border =, the hyperlink coinciding on color with a color, will prompt to the user that this graphic object is clickable. On the other hand, sometimes such frame spoils a banner from the point of view of design.

One to many and vice versa (the principle of operation of any web server: some users from different corners of the planet (many to one) request information – the server (one to many) provides this information).

- First of all, what it is impossible to do: - it is impossible to send your direct advertizing to similar sheets. Subscribers were included into a leaf for an exchange of opinions and obtaining new information, but not reading advertizing. It is also not necessary to write to a leaf that got, with only one purpose to show at the end your signature with URL and contact information.

On the structure of web conference are very similar to the Usenet conferences, in them branches (threads) of discussions, etc. are also used. Difference consists that they work, using the web interface, and are not placed is centralized on news-servers, and are scattered on a network.

How to become an effective banner. At once I want to notice that the majority of the moments given below are directed only on increase in CTR of a banner. If the owner of the server needs "the correct visitors" (really to the zainteresovayena in goods/services of it the server or, for example, he stakes on image advertizing, simple following to the below-mentioned moments is obviously not enough, and it is sometimes simply contraindicated. CTR is not the absolute guarantor of efficiency of a banner.

The signature containing the drawing created from ASCII symbols is considered a bad form and are often so bulky that figure prominently several times, than the message. It is not recommended to use similar creativity in the signature extremely.

The third part is a program which according to inquiry of the user touches indexes of the search engine in information searches interesting the user and issues it on the mountain in decreasing order of relevance the found documents.

Then groups of people to business which part got down designers, programmers and marketing specialists were. As a result of their activity the main ways of advertizing on the Internet were put on professional level:

For competent promotion of a resource in order that through catalogs and search engines as much as possible people to whom information located on a resource is required addressed to a resource, it is necessary to be registered competently in these systems. It is very important that by search, the untwisted resource was given at the very beginning of the list found as in this case on it the bigger number of visitors will set.

- to ukazait the reason of the address to him. For example, "I saw your letter in discussion list of NN dated d/m/y and I think, you can interest _. _. _. _". It is desirable to agree on the text of the offer that is already known of the recipient;

Banner size (pixels). Banners of the bigger size have considerably a bigger response, than banners of the smaller size. Though, certainly, often it is necessary to pay for the room of a bigger banner more and, besides, a high probability of that such banner will not manage to be loaded.

I will notice that graphic files, in the majority, are stored in the GIF and JPG formats because these formats the most economic of graphic, and they are the most widespread formats of graphic advertizing on the Internet.