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As a rule, projects such have complex character and are focused on the solution of the maximum quantity of welfare and personal problems, creation of the conditions optimizing habitat of the person, his way of life.

Project tasks: expansion of opportunities for citizens in satisfaction of various interests and inquiries in the sphere of screen culture; counteraction to commercial tendencies at cinema — and the video industries; creation of conditions for creative communication and recognition of authors of amateur video movies; enrichment of art life of the city due to inclusion in its context world and domestic cinema — and video classics; art and esthetic development of various categories and groups of the population of the city; the organization of full communication of film critics, employees of cinema and television with spectator audience; increase of computer literacy of the population, creation of conditions for communication, exchange of programs, technologies, ideas of owners of personal computers.

Actions for implementation of the project: development of the concept and constituent documentation of the Center; preparation of the standard regulating documentation; selection and equipment of the room (on the basis of city movie theater or in MKTs); economic, material and staffing of the Center.

First, the need for the such cultural center is defined by specifics of a cultural situation in the city which is characterized by high intellectual potential of inhabitants, the developed infrastructure of culture and leisure and at the same time low welfare activity of citizens, backwardness of forms of public amateur performance, lack of the "face" pronounced actually distinguishing the city from similar settlements. In this regard there is a need for the municipal cultural center which could assume a row significantly important for administration and the population of the city of functions: developments of cultural life of the city, identification and registration of its originality, creation of the favorable cultural environment, increase of appeal of Polyarnye Zori to domestic and foreign tourists, satisfactions of public needs for cultural and leisure activity, developments of national creativity, rendering the organizational and methodical help to cultural institutions of the city and territories subordinated to it.

— the organization of various forms of cultural and educational, cultural and mass, art and educational and leisure activity, theatrical, concert and spectacular actions, cinema — and video displays;

Problems of the social status and professional self-affirmation of employees of branch: low wage of experts of the sphere of culture and leisure; minimum opportunities of official growth; falling of prestige of professions of a welfare orientation; a dissatisfaction of experts of the cultural and leisure sphere with the activity, the growing feeling of inadequacy of its maintenance of a modern sociocultural situation; discrepancy of a social role and status of managers and workers of KDU to new sociocultural conditions; orientation to preservation of traditional positions of ideological workers, "tutors" and "mentors"; downgrade of managers of the sphere of culture in structure of administrative facilities.

Sixth task: by results of the analysis of four summary tables to give a general characteristic of a sociocultural situation by the analysis of the main problems of the sociocultural environment, spheres of activity, a way of life and on this basis to define: priority spheres of design and priority categories and groups of the population (potential audience of programs).