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"Throughout all this memorable evening the grand duchess addressed only to me; her conversation admired me: sublime feelings and extensive knowledge which she showed, forced me to look at her as on a being chosen, standing above all others, the being ennobled to such degree that she surpassed all my most ardent ideas about perfection. Evening passed quickly; but the impression which it made on me, remained. " (5 *)

The interlocutor connected all talents of writers of that time: Derzhavin, Fonvizin, Bogdanovich, Kapnist, Knyazhnin, Kozadavev and others. And all this to Dashkova's talents that was stated in sikha more than once. For example one because of Bogdanovich's poems:

Once in the winter, remained with the uncle on the successor of a throne and its young spouse is fished. Ekaterina Sergeyevna heard about its intellectual razitiya long ago and could be convinced personally now who such there was this girl, and marked out her, as the darling because future empress possessed this rare property-vyborelyudey.

- Though I know that you decided not to live at me in the palace, - the grand duke addressed to Dashkova, - but I hope you to see every day, and would wish that you spent more time with me, than in the company of the grand duchess.

When the grand duchess said goodbye to owners, unintentionally dropped a fan. The countess lifted it and gave to Ekaterina, but it, without accepting a fan, kissed the girl and dew retted to keep it as memory of the first evening, them a place.

- My child, - the prince spoke to it another time, - do not forget that incomparably to deal with honest and simple people better as I and my friends, than with great minds which will exhaust juice from orange and will throw then a crust, unnecessary for them. (6 *)