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the great interest is represented by genetic resources of vegetable plants of China. They can be used with success as initial material for selection, and some represent interest for an introduction and introduction in our country.

Features of an agrotechnology of the second of culture. Receiving big crops of seeds of carrots requires observance of conditions: matochnik after storage have to be viable, not faded, healthy; in them high-quality changes, organoobrazovatelny processes have to come to the end; disembarkation of matochnik in early terms on fertile soils with neutral or reaction ( 5,5 —; timely and high-quality carrying out all agrotechnical receptions; cleaning, rational dozarivaniye, drying and thresh of seed plants,

crops in high coefficient of reproduction and big crop of seeds. For example, one seed plant of a white cabbage will give 40 g ­, that is 10000 seeds (in 1 g of 250 seeds), ­ reproduction it will be equal 10 00 At carrots 1200 Average crop of seeds of a white cabbage of 5 — 7 c with 1 hectare will be equal. It is enough this quantity of seeds at a of an expense on 1 hectare 0,5 kg on the area of crops of cabbage of 1000 — 1400 hectares. The crop of seeds of a with 1 hectare will provide the area about 80 hectares. Therefore at seed farming of vegetable cultures there is no need for their long reproduction.

At the specified scheme of reproduction there is an annual updating of high-quality seeds as for a of seeds of the first reproduction the elite is used, and for. cultivation. the second reproduction — seeds of the first.

From elite seeds in seed-growing farms seeds of the corresponding reproductions. At cultivation of reproductions proceed from the principle of a, concentration of seed farming and specialization of farms. Therefore at seed farming placement the All-union association of Soyuzsortsemovoshch pays the main attention to specialization ­, areas, areas and farms on cultivation of high-quality seeds of certain cultures and grades, concentration of production of high-quality seeds in zones with optimum soil and climatic, economic conditions for receiving big crops of qualitative seeds.

The fruit consists of two freely divided seeds. Seeds of carrots differ from seeds of other seldereyny plants in a poor development of 5 main edges; between the last there are 4 minor ribs covered in one row with hairs.

In each zone of the country selection and experimental stations, agricultural higher education institutions and research institutes for cultivation of elite seeds are allocated. Elite seeds according to the plan of Sortsemovoshch transfer for reproduction to seed-growing farms. The production of elite seeds to a grade origin place, especially adapted for local conditions appears seed material, the it is easier to keep valuable signs and properties of a grade. Therefore seeds of elite should be grown up in the conditions favoring to preservation of high-quality qualities, and on grades, for the protected soil, they are grown up as, in those types of kultivatsionny constructions for which they intend, and in the calendar terms accepted for commodity crops.

Various climatic conditions caused both qualitative various and quantitative structure of natural flora in these or those regions of the Globe, and it, in turn, influenced opportunities of a choice of plants for the purpose of their introduction to culture. So, for example, the natural flora of Southeast Asia (China, Japan, India) differs in the greatest variety of vegetable plants. For this reason it is so rich, presented by species of vegetable plants and cultural flora of the countries of this region: in China, for example, it totals bolee130 types.

When cleaning root crops undermine the special undermining brackets (OPKS-1, beet elevators (SNU-3, SNS-2m, etc.), hinged. At test good results on cleaning of carrots were shown by the morkovouborochny MMT-1 and EM-11 vehicle (GDR). Then root crops for a tops of vegetable and put in temporary stacks root crops inside.

Flowers small, oboyepoly, with lower two-nested, two columns and five stamens. the difficult five-membered. Petals white, are reduced. Flowers both, and female meet.